Wizard of Oz – Through the eyes of a four year old…

Last night my BRF and I took our four year olds to see The Wizard of Oz to the Straz Center. I was excited for my little one to see it because I remember loving this classic movie as a kid. 

Thanks to the relationship with the Tampa Bay Bloggers and the Straz Center, I did receive complimentary tickets to see The Wizard of Oz in exchange for a blog post & social media love. All opinions are my own.

Here are the four memorable moments from the mouths of these babes:

  1. “The munchkins were so cute.” The costumes were so well done that the adults looked like munchkins. The costuming throughout the entire musical was on point! 
  2. “I liked it when the witch melted.” Evil is nesessary in any story, but the defeat of evil is a victory that resonates with all ages. This classic story brought to life on the stage by talented actors makes you dislike the evil witch of the west from the very beginning! 
    Photo Credit: The Straz Center
  3. “The lion was funny!” While the girls caught some of the humor, Yvonne and I enjoyed the bits of humor that were added to the script!
  4. It was just so beautiful!” Perhaps their end reaction speaks the most… As the final curtain call is happening, people are clapping and cheering, I look down and realize both girls are crying. I asked them what was wrong and Parker said to me, “It was just so beautiful!” 
    Photo Credit: The Straz Center

So go get you tickets, take your little one and enjoy a classic with them before it’s gone – tickets on sale through this Sunday 7/17! Click here to visit the Straz online ticket ordering! 

1 thought on “Wizard of Oz – Through the eyes of a four year old…”

  1. It was such a great performance! Looking at the photo of your adorable girl, I realize we were right in front of you – I can tell a good time was had by them. So fun!

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