Walt Disney Half Marathon Recap

My mom and I headed over on Friday for packet pickup and the expo! After a 20 minute massage, some pasta and a cupcake we were both ready for bed. And we should have been! With alarms set for 3:15am, we tried to sleep!
The largest event we have done to this point was the Gate River Run in Jacksonville. This race dwarfed that! Amazing how many people! And while there were some directional issues getting to the race, once we were on Epcot property, everything was well run!

After finding our corral (J for Jessica!), we saw several fireworks displays as earlier waves were sent onto the course. Every wave got a fireworks show, none less impressive than the one before it! Amazing!


It was our turn before we knew it and we were off!
After a few road miles from Epcot, we entered the Magic Kingdom. This was probably the highlight of the whole race!



When leaving and entering, we got to see some of the behind the scenes areas. Along the route outside of the parks, they had something about every mile and a half. Marching bands, characters to take photos with and water stops. It kept my attention to the point that I never turned my audiobook on, which I fully intended to. After leaving Magic Kingdom, we made our way back to Epcot and I was on track to set a personal record by about 5 minutes! I was pumped and picked up the pace…. Then my Nike watch hit 13.1 miles… And there was still more course ahead of me. I was just coming back around to the Epcot globe.
I only PR’d by about 30 second. But with a course that registered at 13.4, that’s pretty good! (I was mid-chew of my post race banana, when I took this picture to send to David to let him know I survived!)



My mom did better than her first half marathon by over ten minutes! This was her second half and my fourth! We did it! We ran Disney and now I’m set to go get some coast to coast bling for my birthday later this year!

Things I learned from running Disney (for those of you running Princess next month… Autumn!):
– Hydration is sufficient on course. Don’t worry about carrying your own.
– Stop and take pictures. There are Disney staff along the course who are more than happy to take your picture!
– Walk up the hills and bridges at the end…. Run down them!
– Have a spot pre-picked out to meet up afterwards. There were so many folks afterward with 20,000+ runners and their families!
– Don’t worry too much about warming up before. We walked about a mile and a half… Maybe two… From Epcot to the actual start line. That was enough of a warm up!

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