Two by Two

No – I am not referring to an ark.  It seems that everything recently has been coming in two’s.  So I will give you an update on my ‘twos’!

1. Two years of running
I missed celebrating my run-aversery!  January 16th, 2013 was the first day that I really laced up with the intent to run a 5K.  Two years ago I ran my first 5K in Safety Harbor at the Best Damn Race!  It has become an annual tradition.  This year I will not be running but cheering on my husband (on his birthday) and step-daughter as they run the 5K together.  It will be interesting to see who wins!

2. Two Marathons!
WOW!  Some how the second marathon made me feel like a “real” marathoner. With the lack-luster time that I had at Spacecoast, Miami was not only redemption for me but a huge success for my mother!  She had been having some back trouble in the weeks leading up to Miami.  It was slated to be her first full marathon, but in the week before the race she decided to step down to the half and listen to her body.  When she was at about mile 9, she decided that she felt good and she was going to go for the full!  I have never been so proud to see my mother come around a bend to a finish line!  Through tears I yelled… THAT’S MY MOM! Proud daughter moment for sure!!!
*** A Miami Recap is coming soon with the full story! I made a new friend in Miami!

3. Two lost loved ones.
Last January, as you may remember, we lost David’s grandmother or “Memaw”.  This January I lost my grandfather on my father’s side.  Grandpa Miller or Papa Lewie was a sweet soul.  While I wasn’t as close to him as I would have liked to have been, just simply due to the distance that separated, I was able to go home for the funeral and be with family for a short trip.  I have had several weeks to reflect on his passing and the sweet words that my dad shared at his funeral.  It’s not easy to say goodbye, but I said goodbye in the best way I knew how – a run!  I returned home late Friday from the funeral and ran the Disney Half Marathon on Saturday morning. It was a perfect way to think about him and what his life meant to all of those that loved him.  13.1 miles for Papa Lewie!

4. Two accidents
Parker has only had two accidents thus far in our potty training adventure!  We started last Saturday.   She had an accident on the first and second day, but none since then.  The ladies at her day school have been very accommodating and encouraging with her this week!  Parker is such a smart girl and once she made the switch to using the potty – she hasn’t really looked back!  So proud of her!

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