#TopTenTuesday – Favorite Races

I know… It’s not a Disney Tip!  But  I thought I would change it up and join This Crazy Life of Mine and Run.Chew.Sparkle for their #TopTenTuesday this week! Don’t worry, your #DisneyTipTuesday will resume next week!

Here are my top ten favorite races, in countdown fashion:

10. Crystal River Triathlon – this is a smaller triathlon that is perfect for someone getting started.  Triathlons are amazing supportive events and I would highly recommend this one to anyone who is looking to get into triathlons!

9. WDW Marathon Weekend – I have run the half twice, full once and will be back in 2017 to run the full again.  I think there is something so fun about it – I mean it’s at Disney…


8. Run to Jodi’s House – Every year this sweet lady pours her life into fundraising for a cause, Spina Bifida the last two years, and this year she put the cherry on top by having a water slide finish line!  So much fun!


7. Best Damn Race – the name says it all!  The best courses, the medals and the best managed races overall.  There are several races through out the state and they recently added New Orleans! The Safety Harbor race generally falls on or near my husband’s birthday and we run it together! It was our first 5K in 2013!


6. Gate River Run 15K – this is the nation’s largest 15K held in Jacksonville, Florida.  It is a beautiful course with amazing support from the city and the neighborhoods you run through!


5. Dumbo Double Dare – this the fall Disneyland 10K/Half Marathon challenge that I did last year for my 30th birthday and I will be going back for my 35th!


4. Miami Marathon – I won’t be running it this year, but I have run it the last two years and I think it is a touch sentimental.  In 2015, I ran with my mom for her first full and in 2016, I surprised my BRF and ran with her for her first full!


3. Boston – there are no words.  If you get a chance to run it – do it! Whether you qualify or fundraise, you earn your spot and run one of the best races on the planet!


2. Gasparilla. I love the 15K or Half Marathon in the cool of a February morning!  The last three years I have run it with Team Freedom and we will be out in force again this year!

1. Iron Girl.  Hands down love this race – it was my first half marathon ever and it has been my PR every year since then!




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