Our Year as Passholders

What?  It’s been a year already?  I can’t believe it! Are we done?  Of course not!  We are renewing and you’ve got even more #DisneyTipTuesday‘s coming your way!

Here are my top 10 favorite memories from the last year:

  1. Our first visit as passholders
  2. Taking a princess to dinner
  3. Flexing with the family
  5. Watching the Big Kid be a little kid too!
  6. Christmas Time!
  7. Meeting Family at Disney
  8. Blogger Day at Epcot!
  9. Friends at Disney
  10. Big Kid Days with my girlfriends

Seriously you think I can stop there?  Here’s 5 more!

11. Big Kid Days with my Big Kid

12. Trying not to pass my fear of rides onto the little one.  Poor thing still won’t ride Frozen again!

13. Overcoming my fear of rollercoasters – yes, she had to hold my hand on my first Expedition Everest trip!

14. Random photos from friends that appear in my photo pass

15. My all time favorite memory is how the characters interacted with my little one!  She loved meeting all the characters!

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