Open Letter to the Christian Blogger

Dear Christian Blogger,

Regardless of your genre, if you are a Christian and you blog about anything… you are a Christian Blogger.  You’ve been called to use your sphere of influence for a greater purpose.

I want to challenge you with something that I was challenged with a few weeks ago – invite God into your writing.  This doesn’t have to mean that you have to write about you faith specifically although some are called to do that.  But is does mean that you should consider if something is true, honorable, noble, good and virtuous before posting… sound familiar?

During a service a few weeks ago, the words of a song seemed to jump out at me with His voice – “Holy Spirit, You are welcome here, Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere, Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for”. I heard God speak into my heart – welcome me into your blog.  Let me guide your writing to uplift those around you. Let me guide you to encourage someone who needs encouragement.  Let me guide you to bring joy to someone who is down. 

While I will continue to write about all things Tampa, motherhood and running – I plan on letting God guide the direction of this ship.  Will I still do some paid campaigns… likely. Will I pray about them before I accept them… Yes!

So to you blogger and Christ follower – I challenge you to invite God into your blogosphere! You’ve been gifted with a unique influence – let Him use you in it to do great things!


A fellow Christian Blogger, who happens to write about local things, motherhood and running

3 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Christian Blogger”

  1. Interesting …. our new pastor actually said last night that the Holy Spirit manifests and grows in your walk with God through exercising the gifts of the Spirit (love, joy, peace… etc..) which in our daily lives can be hard to exhibit consistently. Love that you have this focus now to use your platform to exhibit these to others.

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