Mile by Mile: Disney Marathon

Two weekends ago I ran my first Disney marathon and my third overall marathon. Disney would be an epic first marathon if you are looking for one! I thought I would share a short break down of the magic miles that lead to this amazing bling!!

 Start: Fireworks for every corral start and Mickey himself doing the countdown!    

Mile 1-5: Journey to Magic Kingdom – this stretch provided entertainment of marching bands, characters and the big hand DJ! After running the short highway, you pass through the Magic Kingdom parking sign and on through the heros section of the parking lot. After passing by the Contemorary Resort you enter the back stage area leading into MK!

Mile 5-6: Magic Kingdom – down Main Street, through the right hand side of the park, through the castle to the picturesque spot in front of the castle. After stopping for a quick photo, it’s through the left hand side of the park and out towards AK!

Mile 6-12: Road to Animal Kingdom – on this section there is a lot of conservation and water treatment facilities.

Mile 12-14: Animal Kingdom – as you turn into the back side of the AK there are a hand full of animals. Around mile 13, you’ll hit Expedition Everest. By the time most of the runners reach AK, the park is open and many jump off the course to ride the rollercoaster! During this section you cross the half marathon mark and realize you are closer to the finish than the start!

Mile 14-17: Trek to ESPN Wide World of Sports – although there was some entertainment and character stops along this stretch, I found it the most boring.

Mile 17-20: ESPN Wide World of Sports I had no idea the WWOS had so many facilities… Three miles worth. We ran around the track, beside the soccer field and through the baseball stadium. All of the characters in this section were dressed in sports gear! So cute!

Mile 20-22: Last bit of road to Hollywood Studios – a quick trot to HS! Although it did boast the army men from toy story, which are not loved by all. I enjoyed watching them make a man do push ups because he was walking. I secretly wished they would single me out 🙂

Mile 23-24: Hollywood Studios – the thing I remembered the most from this section was cheering! There were so many people already in the park and they were all cheering! Oh and chocolate coming into the back side of the park! There were lots of great signs too!

Mile 25: Boardwalk – run past the yacht and beach resorts. It was at this point I started to see other finishers with their medals and it made me push even faster!

Mile 26: Epcot – around the world, literally! Enter at Britian all the way around to Mexico. It’s during this mile that I saw a handful of runners grabbed a beer or margarita to carry to the finish line with them! I was wishing that I had my debit card to join them!

Mile 26.2: Sprint to the Finish – as with most Disney races at WDW, the last section to the finish includes a choir! A few turns into the Epcot parking lot bringing the finish line into view!!  I forgot to take a picture but I borrowed this one from RunDisney!

*** Disclaimer: Every year is a touch different so make sure to check out the map at***

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  1. Ooooh! Thank you for letting us see yeah, where you were mile by mile. Had to be wonderful!! When you were in 6th grade, bet you never dreamed you would be doing this now!! Always so proud of my Jessica.
    love, Grandma

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