Keeping The Working Mom Life Organized

I will preface this post with I do NOT always get it right… I have days when I feel so unorganized that it makes me crazy!  But with a few upcoming work and life changes, I am upping my game in the organization front so I thought I would share a few tips with you!

  • Get a calendar that works for you and use it! I love my Erin Condren planner, but there are other brands that you can use to keep you organized.  In addition to my paper planner, I keep a content calendar for each of my clients – simple monthly view, nothing fancy. On a monthly and sometimes weekly basis I also do a side-by-side comparison of my calendar and my husband’s digital calendar to ensure we are on the same page. I know.. sounds like a lot of work, but it nessecary to keep everyone where they need to be.  If you have a large family, consider having weekly or monthly family calendar meetings to make sure your kids are organized too! 
  • If you are mobile, use tools to keep you organized! Handling two different clients, a part time job and part time business management with my husband requires organization.  The trouble with wearing all of these hats is that I am not always at the same location. Investing in a laptop or iPad to allow you to work anywhere is keys. I also love the Thirty One bag and organizer set below to help me keep all my clients organized and easily accesible for me at any time!
  • Schedule your workouts! Taking care of yourself is key to making sure that you stay healthy and base your choice of diet around your lifestyle.  Schedule your workouts like appointments, or better yet – schedule workout classes that require you to attend!  Orangetheory has worked for me, but check out your local YMCA, gym or even community center for workouts that will make you take care of yourself!

Now, why is all this organization needed more now?  I have recently accepted a part time position as Communications and Social Media Director at my church! I can not wait for the adventure that lies ahead!

So here are the hats, outside of mom and wife, that I will be wearing:

  • Social Media Manager for two Tampa local clients
  • Capital Insurance Agency – part time office assistant and business partner with my husband
  • Capital Insurance Agency Home Office consulting for various projects
  • Communications and Social Media Director at Bay Hope Church
  • Continued writing for my own Tampa Mom Runs blog

I’ve heard people say that God only gives you what you can handle… I don’t believe that.  If we could handle it, we wouldn’t have a need to rely on God!

3 thoughts on “Keeping The Working Mom Life Organized”

  1. So proud of you! You are a rock star runner mother! I need you to teach me how to use an organizer to keep it all straight. Hey, there’s another side hustle for you. No pressure! 😉

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