Dumbo Double Dare – Sunday: Half Marathon, Santa Monica and a Red Eye Flight

So if you missed the beginning of the trip, start with Friday!
We are at the finale of the Disneyland trip!  Sunday morning was an early morning with the previous two days of running and park adventures! 

I channeled my inner Minnie Mouse for my  outfit!

We finally got to see a few fireworks at the start line during the playing of the national anthem. This is one of the differences between Disney World and Disneyland races. In the next week you will see a comparison of the races between the two different parks! 

I ran a good portion of the half marathon with fellow strider Suzan. She was celebrating her 40th birthday by running the half marathon!

She was a silly running mate!

The half marathon course took us through both parks within the first 4 or 5 miles before we headed out to the streets of Anaheim.

We made a quick potty and picture stop in Toon Town!  

The entertainment continued out on the streets of Anaheim with Hispanic dancing troops…

Cheer squads… 

Hawaiian dancers…
  And a mile and a half of classic cars before we headed into Anaheim Stadium.     

We ran a short distance on what appeared to be a bike trail. 

We reached Anaheim Stadium about mile 8 and it was quite an experience.

Down through the tunnels… 

And up onto the field!

The stadium’s lower-level was filled with Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts giving high fives all along the way! 

Since my pace Saturday so I decided that I would take some silly pictures. So I took this picture with the flute player. Fun fact: I played the flute in high school! Just after I took this picture I step back onto the race course and got sideswiped by someone and took quite a spill. But there was no blood and I kept pushing forward.

A few more twists and turns through the streets of Anaheim and under the highway back towards Disneyland!
A Disney staple is the wonderful times that people have! Some funny, some serious, some to push you on just a little bit further!

I cross the finish line and respectable time and collected my bonus coast-to-coast and Double Double Dare bling! 

After a quick shower and a few photos of the bling, I sent out on my LA adventure. The Mickey below is for my I run for buddy, Lauren.  

I made a quick stop by DK’s donuts. They were a suggestion of my friends at sparkle athletic. And they were delicious! 

I picked up a friend of mine named Jeff. He and I worked together several years ago when I worked for a TV production company. He took me to the Santa Monica pier and the third street promenade for lunch and we had an absolute ball!
The memorial you see below is for fallen soldiers in our most recent war. As the memorial is not permanent, an organization sets it up and takes it down every Sunday.

I did out my toes in the ocean on the West coast for the first time!  The water was super chilly!! I couldn’t imagine how all of those kids were in the water!


Everyone was very friendly I made friends with police officers…

And lifeguards!  

There were also dark scary tunnels

Check out the photo bomber in our selfie! Love it!

He took some very cool photos with his fancy dancy camera.
A few fun facts about Jeff: he hates cheap beer…

And loves crocs! 
After my LA adventure with Jeff, I headed back to the airport. My bag got flagged going through security due to the metals in my carry-on. (Tip for traveling after a race: take your medals out of your bag when you go through security)

I met up with Katie for some dinner and then we parted ways to our separate flights. I slept most of the flights home with a short layover in Atlanta and was grateful to be home with my family!

Thank you for sharing in my Disneyland journey! It sure was fun. If you ever get a chance to do it I would recommend going once! Living as close as we do to Disney World, I think it only convince me further that we need annual passes for our family and we need to take advantage of what is right in our backyard on a regular basis!

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  1. This trip, overall, was my favorite one to date!!!!! I am so glad I got to share in it with you and Katie (and my hubs!) Thanks fo being such a planner and for documenting it!!!! Hugs friend!

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