#DisneyTipTuesday: Put Your Feet Up! 

Each park has areas that allow kids to play and seating for parents!! Check these out the next time you visit! 

Magic Kingdom – First, you can take a ride on the people mover to give yourself a break!  Put your feet up and enjoy a scenic ride through Tomorrowland.Second, Tom Sawyer’s island has a fort area that kids. Can play in with seating for adults!  Take the boat over to the island and enjoy!

Animal Kingdom – The best play area ever!  One way in and out, shaded with fans! It’s called The Boneyard in Dinoland!  The key is to go over the bridge once you are inside – that’s where the best spot is!

Epcot – offers a few splash pads for kids to play at and keep them cool!

Hollywood Studios – used to have Honey I Shruck The Kids! I’m excited to see what they put in it’s place!  As soon as it opens, I will share all the details with you!


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