#DisneyTipTuesday – Make Friends

Whether you are waiting in line, waiting on a show or eating lunch, there are people all around you – meet someone new!  We’ve met people from all over the world, from so many different cultures and backgrounds.  You learn new things and most importantly can entertain the little ones! You will meet people who are on their honeymoon, celebrating birthdays, trying to enjoy large family vacations… the list goes on.  As a regular Disney goer – i love talking to first timers and sharing a fun fact or tip to make their trip more fun!

During a recent trip, there were three ladies sitting in front of us on the grass waiting on the fireworks that were playing cards.  After a few minutes we were chatting with them and my littlest one was invited to play cards with them.  

They played Go Fish and War – even had a little Snapchat fun. And before we knew it, it was time for the fireworks.

Disclaimer: Yes – be careful who you let your kids be around, but 99% of people at Disney are good people, just stay near them and make an excuse to move away if you ever feel weird about a situation!

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