#DisneyTipTuesday: “Face Character” Interactions

As you are waiting in line, talk with your kids about questions that they could ask the characters! Use your movie knowledge to help them come up with questions! This only works for characters that can speak back. I’ll do another tip for interacting with “masked” characters that can’t talk back.


  • Anna: how is Sven liking the castle?
  • Rapunzel: do you think I could grow hair as long as yours?
  • Cinderella: do you like your dress blue or pink?
  • Tiana: will you make me some beignets?
  • Belle: what book are your reading now?
  • Ariel: where is your dinglehopper?
  • Merida: do you want a little sister?
  • Tinker Bell: will your pixie dust work on my dog?

Don’t worry, if they forget their question, the characters are so well trained at interacting with your little ones!

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