#DisneyTipTuesday: Birthday Celebrations

Today I turn 31, so I feel uniquely qualified to share these birthday tips with you today. We’ve celebrated two of Parker’s birthdays at Disney World, last year I travel to Disneyland and celebrated the big 3-0 in California and this past Sunday I shared a big kid day with the hubby and teenager to celebrate my birthday!!

So in honor of my thirty something birthday – here are three tips for celebrating your birthday at Disney!

  1. Dress Accordingly – There are so many sites that make Disney birthday shirts and you can include the family in the fun with “Dad of the Birthday Boy” shirts!  A quick search on Etsy will yield plenty of solutions.  If you are going with a personalized option, make sure that you order early enough to get them in the mail! Here is the shirt I ordered for my Disneyland adventure.
  2. Enjoy a Freebie – Get your Birthday button at City Hall just inside of Magic Kingdom.  If you are at a resort, they will also have the buttons as well.  This is important (especially if you weren’t able to make #1 happen!) because you will be “Happy Birthday”-ed all day long and occasionally cast members get a magical feeling and do something special for the birthday boy or girl! 
  3. Speak Up – If you’ve made dinner reservations for a special meal, make sure that you tell them it is your birthday!  You generally get a free dessert of some kind! And perhaps a special birthday surprise as well.  I didn’t take pictures, but Parker for her 4th birthday, not only got a cupcake, but a special birthday card from all of the characters at the restaurant that we picked for her birthday meal! Here is me with my birthday dessert at Ariel’s Grotto in Disneyland’s California Adventure.



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