Tips for Disney with Kids!

We recently became annual pass holders and even after a few visits, I have a few suggestions for those heading to the park with kids!  

  1. Bring snacks! Disney’s food policy is fairly liberal and we had very little problem getting snacks through bag check. Snacks for kiddos and adult can occupy wait time, avoid the “hangry” and save you money.  During this trip to Hollywood studios, Parker and I ate a picnic dinner and only spent $12 on a dessert splurge!
  2. Personalize your stroller. When coming off a ride or out of a show, finding your stroller in a sea of strollers can be a daunting task. Thanks to the stroller attendants (who do a wonderful job controlling the crazy of strollerland), your stroller may be in a slightly different location. So tie a neon ribbon or a wired flower twisted about the handle can make your stroller easy to spot!
  3. Eat lunch or breakfast, not dinner for character dining! Similar character experiences but at a lower cost! Our favorite has been Hollywood and Vine at Hollywood Studios. Also, planning a dinner could possibly be sabatoged by a kiddo who refuses a nap during the day. Some restaurants do charge a no show or last minute cancellations. If you do book a dinner, be aware of the cancellation policies.
  4. Bring your own glow show or character gear! Dollar store or Target dollar section glow gear or princess accessories are a great treat at night! I was worried that our three and a half year old would want something that another kid had, however she was excited because she had something unique!
  5. Know when it’s time for a break! It’s ok to call it a day if your kiddos have reached the unhappy point. Let’s be honest and say not every Disney moment is magically – wait lines, weather and crowds can add to the frustration of the day if you let it.  If you have annual or multi-day passes, you can come back later in the day after a nap or on another day altogether. Trying to fit everything in during one day is a nearly impossible task with kids! Celebrate what you are able to do!
  6. Be proactive with potty breaks. It’s not fun to get 20 minutes into a ride line and hear, “Mommy, I need to potty!”  Potty in between rides and after meals. Even if it’s just to “try”!
  7. Don’t try to carry everything! Pack replaceable items in a seperate bag to stay in the stroller (snacks, extra clothes, poncho, items from #4,etc)! Carry only what you have to. A bulky bag on rides can get in the way. I use a small cross body bag to carry the character signing book, wallet, Chapstick and car keys. Everything in the stroller could be replaced if someone decided to steal it, but we have yet to have a problem – knock on wood!
  8. Use fast passes! No explanation needed – shorter waits = happier kids!

Enjoy your Disney Trip! I’d love to hear from you – what tips would you give another mom?

2 thoughts on “Tips for Disney with Kids!”

  1. Good tips! I do quite a few of them myself and I just take myself!

    I always bring a refillable water bottle. Often times, they will gladly give you ice water at no charge.

    And, don’t forget about some of the character dining at the resorts. Even if you are not staying there, you can enjoy the character dining! My favorite is breakfast at the Polynesian. 🙂

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