Cigna Blogger Meet Up – Walt Disney Marathon Weekend #CignaRunTogether

Several weeks prior to marathon weekend, I was contacted by Cigna directly to attend a Blogger event that Cigna was hosting during the marathon weekend.  I didn’t know what to expect or who else would be there!

From our Tampa Bay Blogger group, three got invited: Caitlyn from Live.Sweat.Sleep.Repeat (middle),  Denise from Run DMT (left) and myself. There were about 35 other bloggers from all over the state!

Upon arrival we had lunch with delicious sandwich bar, soup and other goodies!

 We were then welcomed into a larger area of the Odessey Center within Epcot. Where we were split into teams.

Within our teams we worked together to play a series of games to earn points for our team. It was a lot of fun!  Here is a short video from the balloon tossing game.

Several things I learned during the course of the event:

  • 66% of Americans are considered overweight
  • Only 18% of those considered overweight are doing anything about it!
  • Which 48% of Americans are overweight and aren’t doing anything about it. They will likely get diseases like diabetes, circulation issues and heart issues that will cause their health to deteriorate faster.

Kudos to the 18%, but what can be done to help the other 48%? Cigna’s recommendation is to get an annual check up, know your numbers and start moving! All things that are doable if we set it as a priority!

After the quiz, physical ability, hand eye coordination and other games, we got to meet the Mr and Mrs…. Mickey Mouse that is!

 Check out this summary video from Cigna: 

After a wonderful lunch and event, we were able to stay and play in Epcot, which I never get to do with only ADULTS! So we rode a few rides, met a few characters and enjoyed a yummy sushi dinner!

    Thank you Cigna for a wonderful event during the marathon weekend!  #CignaRunTogether

The two ladies in the right of the photo ran their first marathon as apart of the Goofy Challenge during marathon weekend! Congrats to Sam and Bethany!!

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