What's an Office Administrator?

I’ve had several people ask me – so you work for David… What do you do?

That is a more complicated question than one might expect.  When I first agreed to stop teaching and work for David, I thought that my job was going to be to process paperwork and answer phones.  WOW was I wrong – and I mean that in the best way!

Every day I learn something new or find a way to do something better!  This has been one of the biggest undertakings that I have ever embarked on!  With the support of the other 4 administrators through out the state and our home office staff, I have been able to learn quickly and really understand what my role is.

Here’s just a brief list of the things I do on a weekly basis:

  • Submit new life policies
  • Service existing policies
  • Answer phones and assist with client servicing
  • Provide reports to various places in regards to our production and other various statistics
  • Assist in completing underwriting requirements for clients
  • Keep the office organized and fully stocked with brochures and flyer
  • Run the accounting for the corporate side
  • Encourage and support agents

Oh my… I know it looks like a short list – but just looking at that list wears me out!

I know that some of you probably don’t care about what I am doing, but I know there are some that think I lost my mind when I stopped teaching.  Yes, I miss teaching – let me rephrase, I miss my students!  Since the summer has started, I’ve had 3 of my previous Assistant Principals call or message me to see if I was ready to come back to teaching.  Right now, my answer is no.  As David and I build this region, I am loving my job!  Yes, are there days I need a beer at the end of the day – Sure!  But those days I have to remind myself that I am only one person and I can not do it all!

I have recently hired an office assistant, Colleen!  Some of you have heard me speak wonderful things about her and they are all true!  She has been with us for almost two months and I’m not sure how I did this job without her.  She is helping me keep the daily tasks moving forward so that I can handle the ‘problem cases’ and the tasks that need a little more TLC.  It also allows me the security to leave the office for a few days, like David and I did last week to go to Pinehurst, NC (a blog coming soon on that trip!)

So what do I do…. I do what needs to be done to service our clients as best we can!

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