What I Am Packing: Chicago Marathon

For this quick trip, I am packing light, so I thought I would share a few tips for packing light for a Racecation! I am leaving Saturday morning and return on Monday afternoon, so essentially I need an outfit to run in, an outfit for after I run the marathon, an outfit to wear on Monday, and pajamas.

1. Wear your running shoes instead of packing them.  I know that there are some running purists that will not like this hint, but it will be a huge space saver for me not to have to pack my running shoes.

2. Assume that you will wear your race shirt after the race. This eliminates the need for at least one shirt.  Worst case scenario… you hate the shirt or it doesn’t fit well and you need to go buy a cheap shirt at a Walmart or Target.

3. Don’t check a bag.  The first issue with this is that my anxiety kicks in thinking about the worst case scenario of a lost bag and none of my race gear making it to my final destination.

I have kept my packing list very simple this trip and I am grateful for it.  For previous Racecations I have over-packed and regretted having to tow a suitcase around with me.  This time I am bringing a small sling purse for my wallet and phone and a backpack with my clothes!

What is your best Racecation packing tip?


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