What are losers?

Quote of the day from my classroom yesterday: Second place is just the first losers!

Last weekend we made a trip down the Munchies Cafe in Sarasota.  It was featured on Man vs Food and he lost the challenge of eating 10 of their hottest wings in 20 minutes! We have a friend, Nick Williamson, who was determined to complete the challenge.  We did several preliminary rounds at local wings joints and then made the trip down to Sarasota so that he could take on their “Fire in your Hole” challenge!  We get all the way down there and they are out of the sauce!  Bummer!  Some of the folks that we went with ate food while we were there… like the Peanut Butter Cheeseburger and a Loaded Hoagie (I am not sure what the real name was, but it had chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, two hamburger patties all topped with mac and cheese!).  The food would definitely fulfill the need if you had the ‘munchies’!  All was not lost, the ladies piled in one car, sent the guys home to watch football and we went to the outlet mall!

Sad to say, but they closed the North Campus of Van Dyke.  I understand why and certainly agree that it was a good decision fiscally to be a good steward of God’s money.  Pray for both David and I as we make the transition back to the main campus and that we would find a place to serve.  🙂

Happy Wednesday! Enjoy!

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