We made it!

We made it to 36 weeks!  It is amazing that the last 3 weeks has final come to an end.  I thought I might loose my mind with all of the bedrest.  Now that we are off of the medicine to stop contractions, Parker could make her debute anytime between now and January.  There is a 90% chance that I will deliver in the next two weeks.  Crazy to think that we could have a baby before Christmas or before the end of the year.  January 13th sounds so far away now 🙂

Contractions are still happening but they are only at the uncomfortable stage and are spaced out to anywhere between 8-15 minutes.  Perhaps we should start a pool on when she will actually arrive. With my luck, she will be stubborn and wait until January to join the party!

We haven’t been as good in the last few weeks about taking pictures, but that last picture tells the story… I am tired.  I am not sleeping well and it certainly shows in my face.  My feet and ankles swell easily and can’t be trusted for more than an hour or so not in the upright position.  It is hard to tell with the last few pictures being so spread out, but Parker is certainly dropping.  She isn’t kicking my rib cage anymore and heartburn has slowed way down!!! 🙂

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