We have words

Parker is using words and understanding what they mean so much better. Today was a precious display of that understanding! She still has occasional moments where she can’t communicate what she wants and gets frustrated. While her vocabulary of words is pretty good, the meaning or being able to communicate with those words hasn’t been too great in the past few months.

She brought me her empty bowl that I had filled up with Cheerios and said ‘more’.
She then couldn’t reach something on her shelf, came over to me and said ‘help’.
She brought me a snack and said ‘open’.
She brought daddy her boots and said ‘shoes please’.

It’s getting easier to understand what she wants and she’s getting frustrated less often. Makes me smile!

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  1. That is soooo good. I can just see her little sweet personality through pictures. Then Sally confirmed it for me. She said she is plain ‘Sweetness’. I knew it!! And I can imagine how relieved SHE is!!! thinking “They” get it! Finally, THEY get it!!! She’s gonna have y’all trained yet!!

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