We had a baby

I was rocking our sweet little Parker to sleep the last few nights and found myself nearly in tears.  It seems so surreal.  We had a baby… she will grow up to be a little girl… then a teenager (like her big sister)… then a woman…we had a baby.

I immediately began to pray – I couldn’t help it!  I began to think about all the things that she will encounter – good and bad.  I want her to experience so many wonderful things and skip the painful mistakes, but I guess that is just a normal mama feeling.  We had a baby.

She is starting to coo and make little giggles (not full laughes yet). She is starting to grab onto things intentionally – this includes hair!  We had a baby.

What a miracle!  My body housed, nourished and birthed a baby… what a bizzare and miraculous thing. We had a baby!!!

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  1. So beautifully told and shown. A true treasure of two miracles…you and Parker. You both are just that. I love you both. (and David & Tori, of course) Love, Grandma

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