We can’t all be Kenyans!

Running isn’t just for the elite and it isn’t just for the fast folks. It’s for everyone.

This time last year I was recovering from a serious injury.  I pushed my paces in my training for Boston and pushed through pain in order to run Boston.  I do not regret it at all because… I RAN BOSTON!  I wouldn’t give back my Boston experience to have missed a running injury.

All of that to say, it has been slow going coming back to running.  Emotionally and physically.  Anytime I push my pace, I feel that muscle in my calf tweek and cause me discomfort for a day or two.  Even at my peak I wasn’t running any crazy Kenyan speeds, but man it felt amazing.  It felt good to push myself. Take a look at the 7 mile intervals below. I was holding good paces during my intervals and not too shabby paces for my recoveries.

These days I’m just grateful to be running… anything and at any pace. So the bottom line is, no matter what you are encountering – new to running and frustrated with trying to get faster, been running a while and hit a wall with your speed, or injured and struggling to come back – it’ important to remember that we can’t all be Kenyans.  The majority of us were intended to run for it’s enjoyment, for the fitness or for the friendships that running can bring you!

So happy running all you non-Kenyans!

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