I am very excited about my summer with Tori!  She and I will get into so much trouble!  Of course, we have to watch our budget, but we are going to have a blast!

Top Ten Things To Do with Tori This Summer!

  1. Have more fun than ever!!
  2. Busch Gardens and Adventure Island
  3. Geo-caching
  4. Riot @ Van Dyke Church (just for Tori :))
  5. Summer Cruise 6 – still waiting on more information on when and where
  6. Bike Ride
  7. Rollerblade
  8. USF Botanical Garden
  9. Swimming
  10. Sunflower Maze & You Pick Veggies
  11. Freedom Fest – over the 4th of July in St Pete
  12. Going to the Beach
  13. Road Trip!! Not sure where yet!

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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