Two Weekends – Two PR’s 

Race # 1 – Iron Girl Half Marathon – April 12th

I love this race! And I know many of you don’t understand my love affair with this race. It was my first half marathon ever and it was my PR last season and it is new shiny PR of 2:17:11 this year. Not only is it a well run event, there are so many women out of the course with a story. I’ve see pregnant women, cancer survivors, mother/daughter teams, and the list goes on.  During this race I wore my new Rett Racer shirt that I made. I run for Lauren, a sweet little girl that will celebrate her 4th birthday soon!

So race morning, my mom and I made the short drive to Clearwater, found a parking spot and made a beeline for the restrooms for one last pit stop. Once in the corral, I messaged with a former coworker who was running her first 5K. I wasn’t able to hug her neck, but I blew her a kiss and wish her good luck from the crowded corral.
Once on the course, my mom and I ran for a little bit together, but she knew I had a goal in mind and encouraged me to push on. Once over on the beach side, I ran into my new IG friend Beth and her friend. We chatted for over 5 miles before she decided to take a break and slow down. On the way back north, I realized I hadn’t seen my mom. I worried for a second but decided to wait until I made the climb up the Sand Key bridge to check my phone.  Once I got to check my text messages, I read a sad message from her that she had gotten sick and was being transported back to the start line after about 5 miles of running.  I have yet to have to call it quits in the middle of a race, but at that moment my heart sank for her.  She has kidney issues and without proper rest and hydration, her body doesn’t handle the long runs well.  Normally she is able to push through, walk, drink some water and get back after it.  This time was not that case and I am so proud of my mother for listening to her body. As tough as a DNF might be, your health is more important! There will always be more races.
There is no replacement for the views on this run! (Photo credit to Nanci Cernak – I didn’t take any photos during the run!)

Coming back up the Clearwater bridge, I realized that I had roughly 10 minutes to complete the remaining half of a mile! I was going to get my PR and not by a minute but almost 4 minutes!
Crossing any finish line is emotional, but this one was particularly emotional due to the hard work I had put in to push myself to a new record!
I waited and watched a few other awesome ladies finish! Nora and Stefanie coming in strong!
Race #2 – Robbie’s Run
This is a smaller local race that supporters a tuition fund for campers at Word of Life camp. A great event and it is nearly dominated by my running club. A great group of people.
Photo credit to David Griner on all strider photos!
I ran this race last year in 2014 and it was my first and only sub 30 5k with a time of 29:49. This year I was determined to take advantage of this flat, fast course with less runners to get another sub 30 and a new PR.
After the pre-race excitement and photo shoot that accompany a strider event, I was ready to take this race. I started with Mike, Yvonne and Sara. I love them all dearly, but it was a great encouragement to leave each one of me behind and push forward. As I rounded the last corner, I was running out of steam. One of our amazing Boston alum Striders, Marcia, came up beside me and challenged me to push. I did.  She and I crossed the finish together and I couldn’t have asked for a better finish.

Not only did I earn my sub 30 and a new PR of 28:52 (that’s a 9:24/mi pace – yes, I’m shamelessly tooting my own horn!), but I also earned a sweet 2nd place age group award. The girl that beat me was only 30 seconds ahead of me.
Two Weekends – Two PR’s
Wait for the next blog… I’m going to share my secrets for pushing to new PRs.

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  1. I hope your mother is doing better. I am so sorry she wasn’t able to finish the race but clearly health above all as you said. Congrats on accomplishing your goal!

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