Twelfth Day of TMR Christmas: Run Coach! 

On this very last day of my 12 days of Christmas, I want to unveil something very exciting! Many of you may remember I became a RRCA Certified Run Coach back in November. I’m finally ready to get to work! 

So today, I’m giving away my very first official training plan! A 12-week plan for whatever races distance you are looking to tackle in 2017! Whether it’s simple to get back to running after some time away, run for the first time, run your first marathon or anything in between! Click here for more information! 

To enter comment with your big running goal for 2017! 
As apart of this unveil, I am also unveiling a full Work with Me page. This also includes Social Media management and Blog Sponsorship opportunities. 

3 thoughts on “Twelfth Day of TMR Christmas: Run Coach! ”

  1. This is a toughie. I want to get back to running after taking some significant time off, but I also am eyeing the 25th anniversary of the Disney Marathon in January of 2018. So, to answer your question, a distance between a 5k and a marathon! 🙂

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