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We are starting T25 on Monday and I am taking a break from TurboFire! TurboFire is an intense kick boxing workout with music to pump you up and keep you going. I added TurboFire to my running schedule at the end of May about 2-3 days a week. I will be honest and confess that the last two weeks I have slacked more than I wanted to with being out of town and the changes that are taking place for our family.


I loved the HIIT workouts – which stands for High Intensity Interval Training. A short routine is done at least twice. The first time is lower intensity to learn the moves, then a buzzer alarms and you do the same routine for one minute as intense as possible. I jump as high as I can, punch as hard as I can and squat as low as I can. Then it repeats with a new routine!

The picture on the left was after my first day and the pic on the right is from last week. I’ve completed about the equivalent of three and a half weeks of the program because I spread it out in my running schedule. I noticed the biggest change in my sides or obliques and as you can see here, my shorts are getting too big!

Why did I add this to my running plan? Because someone… Cough, cough, Caitlyn… told me that strengthening my core would quicken my pace. So I tried it. The results?! I went from 36:50 to 32:02!! Numbers don’t lie! Almost give minutes off of my 5K time is a huge improvement… And the summer isn’t over!

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