Tri Harder

Looking forward to the next season, I left one event off my list. I left it off because I hadn’t quite convinced myself I can do it!

But I’m gonna do it! It’s a sprint triathlon. 500 m swim, 13.4 mile bike and 3.1 mile run in beautiful Clearwater on November 10th! It’s called the TriRock Clearwater.

Plan of action… I really don’t have one and with my half marathon training, it will be difficult to add too much to my schedule. So I’m gonna start small – add one swim and one bike per week during as many weeks as possible. I am planning to add my bike with the sTRiders group on the Suncoast Trail. Swimming, I haven’t yet figure out. I will be doing a little more investigation this week to ensure that I have a decent place to swim every once in a while. The swim for the actual race will be in the ocean, so it probably wouldn’t hurt me to swim in the ocean once or twice beforehand just to get used to swimming in the ocean!

Why did I choose a sprint Tri? Well after completing the running leg with a relay team a few months ago, I was drawn to the air of triathlons. There was an energy and spirit in the air that I just couldn’t explain, but I was drawn to it! About a week later I registered for this one without considering that it would fall in the middle of two of my half marathons for this season. It’s a challenge and I’m proclaiming to the world – “Challenge Accepted!” I’ve thrown down my own gauntlet and I’m gonna be ready. As with anything I’ve done as a first, the goal is completion!
The J-Team: Jackie, Jessica (me) and Jenn! My triathlon relay team!

🙂 Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and go do something active!!

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