Top 7 in 2017

Yes, I know the year isn’t over yet, but I’ve been looking back at stats from the year and was encouraged by my top 7 tops. They really tell the story of the year well. So take a walk back down memory lane. (Posts aren’t in any order!)

Open Letter to the Christian Blogger | this post was very timely and was certainly brought to life by new position as part time social media manager at our church.  I’ve become much more sensitive to allowing God to use my voice online for His purposes not my own.

Three Observations from a Break In | this was a very unsettling time for our family, and while we are better, we still take extra steps to make sure that our home is safer than it was!

Five Thoughts From a First Time Marathoner | running with someone for their first marathon is a gift. It’s a gift to watch someone overcome when they thought they couldn’t!

Keeping The Working Mom Life Organized | while I may have tweaked the methods in this post for myself, the principles have helped me maintain sanity this year!

Thoughts From An Ainsley’s Angel | controversial, but something I felt I had to write  I’ve learned so much about disabilities in the last few years, it became unbearable to keep quiet.

Chicago: The Race Edition | I was not prepared for this race, but I finished anyway! Chicago was a wonderful city and I would highly recommend the race!

Work with Me: Social Media | if this doesn’t tell the story of my year, I’m not sure what else was. I’m along with Caitlyn have embarked on this journey to becoming the best social media professionals in the Bay Area!

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