Toddler Independence

Parker turned three this past December and she has become so much more independent.  Many of these moments of independence came be great, but others can be funny or challenging. Here are a few that we’ve put in this category.

1. “I’ll show you”
David has been educating Parker on star wars and they have been watching sections of the movie before bedtime. One night when David was at skate practice she asked to watch “R2D2” and I let her know that only daddy knew how to turn that on.  (It’s not my favorite movie and I had seen enough at that point to warrant a night off). She said “I’ll show you”, then proceeded over to the bluray player and boom, it started playing. She’s getting too smart!
2. “I do it by myself”
I want to encourage her to be independent but she generally wants to exercise this independent moment when it’s time to leave for school and I know that it will take her too long. So I’ve started becoming a little more proactive with our mornings. I try to set her clothes out earlier or ask her for help getting the items I need out of the pantry while I’m finishing getting myself ready.
3. “No”
The most popular toddler world there ever was. When she gets in a funk (toddler moms you know exactly what I mean), instead of asking a yes or no question, I try to ask an open ended or multiple choice question.  Example, would you rather play in your play in your playroom or spend a few minutes on your stool? Generally I get a decent response. If not, then a few minutes on her stool to “fix her face” generally does the trick!
Moms – what about you what was your most challenging or funny moment with a toddler that is learning how to exert their independence?

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