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I met Yvonne through the Suncoast Strider Group and we have become great running partners.  It’s easy to get talking about kids, husbands and life – before we know it we have run 8 miles! – Jess

 Name: Yvonne Acquafredda

Family Stats: (how many kids, age, etc)

Just 1 daughter, Juliana. She is a very dramatic 3 year old.

When did running start for you? Not until after my daughter was born.  I was never a “runner” and the thought of running a mile was downright laughable.  I would take my daughter for daily walks in the stroller.  I took the Bob running stroller (a girlfriend’s hand-me-down) most days because it was great on any terrain.  One day I had the urge to run from one point to another.  The next day I tried to go a little bit farther, and I did!

What inspires you to lace up? Besides my ever present love of food?  It is a great opportunity to get out there and be alone with your thoughts.  I also love the fact that it is something I can do, as an adult, and find strength I didn’t know I had.  Where else in our adult lives can we find that?

Best running advice you ever received? Get fitted for the right running shoes.  That and buy a good sports bra.  Both are life changing purchases.

Do you kids run or ride with you? Yep!  Juliana still accompanies me in the trusty ol’ Bob stroller on shorter runs.  We chat about the flowers we see or the dogs in the neighborhood.  She now wants to get out and run with me, but she is actually way faster than me so it’s hard to keep up.  On really awesome days we get out with Ms. TampaMomRuns herself and her most adorable daughter for some true “girl time”.

Do you have any other fitness obsessions? Not really.  I like to be outside, so hiking, exploring parks and nature are fun to me.

What has been your favorite race? Hands down, Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge.  The 10K was a different course that was beautiful, and the half was so much fun.  Turning the corner on to Main Street and seeing not only Cinderella’s castle but all the tons of people who came out to support their loved ones?  It was awesome.  Oh and my own fairy godmother sprinkled me with pixie dust at the end.  It was a small touch, but it really capped off an very cool race experience.

Any advice for a running mom?  It is OK to leave the kids in the care of your spouse/parents/in-laws/neighbors while you go out for a run.  Yes, you do deserve that time so lace up and get the heck out of the door before the kids suck you back in!

What’s next on your running calendar?  I have a few half’s planned in the fall/early winter and I am building up the courage to hit “register” on my first marathon in January.

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  1. I like Yvonne’s advice for a running mom. A lot of moms would feel guilty to leave their kids with someone while they go for a run. Good for you Yvonne!

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