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Tessa and I met through Instagram and I am super excited that I get to run her first marathon with her next January at Disney World!  She is also an It Works!  Distributor…. and yes, it does work!

Family Stats: (how many kids, age, etc)
William, 10
Reagan, 2

When did running start for you?

I got in to running after I had my daughter. I gained quite a bit of weight when I was pregnant with her, and I really needed a healthy way to get in to shape and safely lose the weight. I had watched my dad lose weight running, so I thought it would be a good option for me. I really enjoy being a part of the running community. Everyone is so nice, and so supportive, so it has been easy to stick to!

What inspires you to lace up?

I know it’s totally cliché, but my family. It’s a domino effect that starts with me. I sleep better, I eat better if I know I have a long run coming up, and in turn that makes me feel better. That alone impacts what I cook for dinner (what my kids eat), and how they feel, and how they sleep. Keeping that in check has a huge influence on how we communicate and respond to each other. I feel like we are in harmony when we are all doing something that keeps us active and healthy, and for my family that includes a lot of running.

 Best running advice you ever received?

My dad told me to race the way I trained. I was not totally sure what he meant by that until I got close to my first race. I made note of every time I stopped for fuel, and kept it consistent throughout my training and throughout the race. I felt very confident because I knew exactly when I needed to stop, what to do, and where I needed to be. I was able to process the race, and really be able to take it in without all the nerves.

Do you kids run or ride with you?

My son is a part of a running club, and enjoys running with me. He’s participated in several races with me, and will be doing his second Disney race in the fall. My daughter also loves to run! She has done two 5k’s, got her first running medal, and she will be doing her first Disney race in the fall! She doesn’t run with me when I train, but loves to come so I push her in the stroller.

Do you have any other fitness obsessions?

I really like to lift weights, but I want my fitness obsession to be yoga! My goal this summer is to lengthen out some muscle by incorporating yoga, and take it easy on the weights.

What has been your favorite race?

My favorite race was Disney’s Everest Challenge! It was a 5k/obstacle and scavenger hunt last month at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Not my longest race, but the atmosphere and company was amazing. I did this one with my best friend, Emily, who now runs as well! We are running Disney’s Wine & Dine Half-Marathon in the fall, and I have a feeling that one is going to take the place for my top favorite!

Any advice for a running mom?

I would pass along my dad’s advice,about keeping your training consistent so you’re more prepared and confident come race time. I would also add: Don’t underestimate the impact of your diet. That’s your fuel, and it’s so important to keep you going.

What’s next on your running calendar?

Now until October are novelty runs with my family and friends. They love to do the ones with color. There’s also an inflatable one that looks like a blast! After that, it’s the Florida 10 in Lakeland in October, and the Wine & Dine in November. I’m looking for more to fill up my calendar until January when I run Disney World’s Marathon with another great person I know!

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