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I met Nanci through running, Beachbody, Caitlyn, Best Damn Race…. she and I were just destined to cross paths!  She is a dog mom and has the most adorable neice! (I think Parker will grow up and look just like Autumn!).  Nanci and I virtually trained together for our first marathon last year.  Although we didn’t complete many runs together, we kept each other accountable and encouraged on the tough days!


Family Stats: (how many kids, age, etc)  Mike and  I have been married for almost 14 years,I am dog mom to 2 crazy Australian Shepherds (Blue and Ozzie), and Aunt Nanci to my niece Autumn (7)  and nephews Cooper (6) and Cole (5).  I am blessed to get to spend a lot of time with Autumn and when we are together, there is endless silliness and laughter.


When did running start for you?  I briefly ran in 2006 for weight loss and HATED it. Nothing about it felt right other than it helped me lose weight. In 2010,  I started running again, this time as  therapy for our infertility struggles and then losing my dad. What started as running to keep my sanity and help with all the emotions  I had turned into a love for taking care of myself and giving myself a way to heal. Once I started running races,  I was hooked. It’s never been about competing with others, but more about proving to myself that  I can do whatever  I set my mind to.

What inspires you to lace up?  One of the biggest reasons would be for my dad, because he was in a wheelchair for 57 years!  I really wish  I had found my love of running when he was still here because he would be so proud of me.  He continues to inspire me every single day. But,I also run for my well being. It is very important to to have that time to de-stress.

Best running advice you ever received?   My friend Beth once told me “it’s just running” and she is so right. It’s easy to get worked up over a long run or a distance you haven’t run before. But she’s right, it’s just running. Just get out there and go!  I’ve now run 1 full marathon, 15 half marathons, and many 5Ks and 8Ks, and more, including the Gasparilla Cactus Lime Challenge.

Do you kids run or ride with you?  I often think it would be great to have Blue and Ozzie along for a run but it would never work. Ozzie would never want to run and Blue is too easily distracted by everything, especially squirrels.  So no, they don’t go with me.  I’ve taken my niece Autumn to the park a few times either with her on her bike or skates and I run along side her and that’s always fun.  One day, it would be fun to have her run a short race with me and cross the finish line with my little BFF.

Do you have any other fitness obsessions?    I love hot yoga and really want to get back into it. It’s a great way to stretch and relax.  I love sweating for an hour, it’s such a great feeling both physically and mentally.

What has been your favorite race?  This is always a hard question to answer.  My very first half marathon was Rock ’N Roll in St. Petersburg in 2012 and that will always hold a special place in my heart.  I also love the Best Damn Race series and  I am a proud Ambassador for that. But,  I ran Space Coast Marathon last year and it is now my favorite just because  I swore  I would never attempt 26.2 miles.  I trained for 18 weeks, gave it my all, and finished with an hour to spare. It’s an accomplishment  I will never forget!

Any advice for a running mom?  Being a dog mom,  I do worry about having to lock the boys up or leave them alone while  I run after they’ve been locked up all day while  I’m at work. But,  I just have to take the time for myself and get it done when  I can.  Sunday runs are probably my favorite because I get it done super early and still have the day ahead of me.

What’s next on your running calendar?  I have not been running nearly as much as  I’d like to lately because  I’ve been so busy with work.  I am self-employed and that means my job is just not 9-5. It’s something  I think about 24-7.  It’s also summer here in Florida which means it’s  super hot and  I just don’t deal well with that.  I look forward to the fall and running local 5Ks with my two favorite running companions, my husband Mike and my dear friend Corinna.


You can read more from Nanci at This Crazy Life of Mine!

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