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I met Haley through running, the Tampa Bay Bloggers and Best Damn Race events.  She is a great encourager!  I believe the first time that I got to hug her neck was at the 2014 Iron Girl Half Marathon.  She had come to cheer even though she was pregnant and wasn’t running the event! – Jess

Name: Haley Duke – you can visit her over at

Family Stats: Married 5 years his November with two kids.  Rosalyn is 3 1/2 and Harrison is 8 months old.

When did running start for you?  

I’ve been a runner all my life, but didn’t participate in running events until after the birth of my daughter in 2011.  My first “race” was the Gasparilla 5k Stroller Roll when my daughter was still a newborn.  After that first 5k, I set out to run a half marathon to keep myself motivated.  I ran the Disney Wine & Dine just one year after having my daughter.

What inspires you to lace up?  

In the beginning, I was inspired to run simply for the fitness aspect.  I wanted to get back in shape after packing on the pounds during my first pregnancy.  After the initial year, I drew inspiration from everywhere, mostly other moms that I saw out there pushing their jogging strollers.  I also follow some pretty inspirational running blogs that always light a fire under my butt.

Best running advice you ever received?

“Run your own race”.  It sounds generic, but it’s completely true.  And it’s kept me from getting discouraged when my schedule and training has gotten the best of me.

Do your kids run or ride with you?  

They ride with me, I have a double stroller so I can take my kiddos with me during the week when my husband is working.  On the weekends though, it’s just me and my thoughts or my MRRT group.

Do you have any other fitness obsessions?

I played softball through high school and college and would love to join another co-ed team once the kids are a little older and easier to manage.  I also practice yoga regularly and I love spinning and HIIT workouts.

What has been your favorite race?

Ragnar Key West was probably my favorite to date.  I got to run across the Seven Mile Bridge at sunrise and it was epic.  I had no idea my body was capable of such awesomeness until I ran 20 miles on zero sleep.

Any advice for a running mom?

Don’t hesitate to run, just do it!  Sometimes our window of opportunity to run is extremely short or it rarely presents itself.  For those reasons, have your gear ready to go and don’t feel bad leaving the kids at home once in a while.

What’s next on your running calendar?

I will probably do a couple 5ks over the Summer, but I don’t have a big race scheduled until the New York City Marathon in November.  I start training  next month.

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