TMR Featured Mom – Beth

 Name:Elizabeth Lopez (Beth)

Family Stats: (how many kids, age, etc)
2 kids / boy (Xander) age 9 and Arianna (girl) age 6

When did running start for you?

Originally about 6 years ago after I had my daughter and then I got lazy about a year later and stopped running. Last October (2014) I was challenged by one of my best friends to do a running streak with her and @pinkcupcakegirl via IG and it got me laced back up and I haven’t stopped since.
What inspires you to lace up?

I am inspired by many things but mostly my friends who run with me and the energy I have from my runs. I see it as free therapy. It clears my mind and shows my kids that while I am a busy working mom I can also make time to be healthy and give them an example of a balanced lifestyle.

Best running advice you ever received?

Listen to your body. If you need to walk then walk, but don’t stop. Be mindful of the foods you eat as they will affect your runs and make sure you fuel properly for races!

Do you kids run or ride with you?

Sometimes. My son is finally showing some interest and my daughter loves to do short runs with mom.

Do you have any other fitness obsessions?

I also enjoy spinning and body flow classes at the Y.

What has been your favorite race?

Gasparilla 1/2 has been my favorite race currently.

Any advice for a running mom?

Don’t give up. Make time even if it’s just a mile or two. Find friends who like to run and make morning or evening run dates. These are some of my favorite moments spent with my friends.

What’s next on your running calendar?

10k on July 3rd and then Disney Wine and Dine 1/2 is my next A race.

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