TMR Featured Mom – A Summer Series

I talk enough… yall get to hear me ramble and rant and I thought it would be nice to hear from some other amazing moms in the Tampa Bay area!  Over the next few weeks, I will feature one mom a week.  They will answer the same questions below.  Did you miss out on getting to nominate an amazing mom?  Feel free to shoot me an email and I will be happy include them!

I’m going to kick the series off by answering my own questions!

 Family Stats: Married for 8 years, Two daughters – 16 and 3

When did running start for you? January 16, 2013 – yes, I remember the date.  I started the couch to 5K app and haven’t looked back.

What inspires you to lace up? Other women, my husband, my kids…  I am challenged to be a better person and running gives me the “Me Time” that I need to be a productive wife, mom and friend!

Best running advice you ever received? Don’t compare yourself with other runners!  In the beginning I would compare my time with other people my age or with other runners that I thought were in the same physical shape I was.  I very quickly learned to run my own race and compare myself with the progress that I was able to make against myself.

Do you kids run or ride with you? A little of both.  Short runs I don’t mind taking Parker with me, but I wouldn’t take her for much longer than that!

Do you have any other fitness obsessions? TurboFire, biking and I dabble in the triathlon world.  I am not a great swimmer, but I do what I can!

What has been your favorite race? Every year I look forward to the Iron Girl Half Marathon!  It’s an amazing race with amazing women, an amazing view and more amazing stories than I can count.

Any advice for a running mom? Don’t beat yourself up.  If you have chosen a training plan for an event… keep in mind that you will not keep to it.  Do your best, but don’t kill yourself to run every run on the training plan.  Do the long runs, and don’t sweat the small ones if you miss a few.

What’s next on your running calendar? A handful of fall races… check out the list: 2015 Calendar

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