Tips for a Racecation!

First… a Racecation. What is this? It’s a vacation, no matter how long or short that involves a race! Here are easy tips to save your some pain in the Racecation process.

Make a list and check it twice. Consider all that you must have on race morning and make sure that is on your list. Think race morning food, hydration and recovery items. Need some ideas, check out my list from the Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare from 2015.

Put your race stuff in your carry on. You do not want to end up at your destination without running shoes. I have only had my luggage lost once, but I have seen it in running Facebook groups. The heartache of people that arrived at their destination and didn’t have access to their shoes and normal running attire! Pack all of your other clothes and shoes for the rest of your vacation in your checked bag.  This includes your nutrition for race day – pack your GU’s, Nuun tablets and special nutrition bars in your carry on.  PSA – TSA does consider GU a liquid… so throw it in your quart size bag!

Stay in a hotel close to the race. Perhaps this will cost you a little more, but it is totally worth it so that you know you have worry about driving and parking in a city you aren’t familiar with.

The view from my hotel for the Houston Half Marathon. The Convention Center pictured was the center of the expo, start and finish!
Pack a dirty clothes bag. After a race, it is nice to have a bag that you can stick you’re race clothes in so that they don’t stink up everything in your bag! It can be an old gear check back or a simple trash bag.

An old race bag or gear check bag can make a great dirty clothes bag!
Get to bed early and get some rest. Consider bringing a pillow or blanket from home that will make it easier to sleep. During my last Racecation I brought some lavender oil and used it before bed time. I slept like a baby. Use whatever works to ensure that you get a good night of sleep.

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