Three things I've learned from runners

1. Runners will cheer for anyone!
Whether at races or just running on a training run, runners are encouraging! They know the struggle that other runners are facing and offer the uplifting attitude that they would want! At the tail end of several training runs with the Suncoast Striders, I’ve had someone come up behind me and push me the final distance. They’ve taught me to finish strong… Not only for me, but because someone else is watching 🙂

2. Runners are a little crazy!
I mean really… Who runs 5, 10, 13.1 or 26.2 miles for fun?! Not only do they run these distances, but they pay good money to run these events! They run back to back races to challenge themselves and push to be better, stronger and faster!

3. Runners are some of the most awesome people!
Between being encouraging and a little crazy, this elite group of people are some of the most awesome I’ve met. They push their own limits and compete to be better than they were the day before! I’ve learned some amazing things from runners in the last year and a half, but most importantly I’ve learned amazing things about myself!

2 thoughts on “Three things I've learned from runners”

  1. I tell people all the time that runners are just awesome people. We understand amd respect each other’s goals and accomplishments. Having all those endorphins keep us level minded and upbeat. I am so glad to be part of this community!

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