Three Reasons You Need a Customized Training Plan!

As many of you have followed my journey to Boston, you’ve heard me talk about Claudia!  She is a Nationally Ranked Triathlete and an Athletic Performance Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist at Peak Fitness in Trinity, FL.  She also has a list of certifications that make me tired just reading them all.  I approached her for assistance back in early January to look over what I had planned for training for the Boston Marathon.  She took my plan and gave me workouts that truly have made a difference in my running!

So…. here are my top three reasons that you need a customized training plan!

  1. Specialized Workouts – Claudia gave me a workout plan that had interval runs and tempo runs planned for me as well as the paces she expected me to hit during these runs.  This narrowed down focus made my training much more targeted for me to hit!  I loved the plan she made for me because there were no wasted workouts – every run had a purpose or a plan.  There were no “junk miles” – every mile was strategically planned!
  2. Accountability – Not only did Claudia give me the training plan, but she connected with via Garmin Connect and she monitored my training. I remember one night I was winding down for the evening after a terrible run with a calf cramp that I couldn’t shake.  I got the distance of the workout in but the intervals and paces were not in line with my training plan.  Claudia text me to ask what was wrong – she could tell by looking at the workout that something had happened.  In addition, the accountability of the set paces for workouts made me work harder knowing that someone would be looking at them!
  3. Sounding Board – Several times during the 14 week training plan I encountered a few issues with muscle cramps and other issues.  She helped me learn stretches and other techniques to help those issues subside.  Anytime I had a question – she answered.

I can tell you that within the last three months, I have hit paces and new PRs that I didn’t think were possible! Example – My 15K PR prior to this training was a 1:42.  Just a few weeks ago at the Gasparilla 15K I hit a PR of 1:31! An 11 minute PR.

So… are you sold?  She’d love to help you gear up for your next season and help you reach your goals.  You can reach her at – mention that you heard about her from me! Or visit her site to learn more about her:


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