Three Observations from a Home Break In

As some of you are aware our home was broken into last Friday afternoon. While we are shaken and disturbed by the event, we were very lucky in the amount of items that were taken, no one was home and we were able to have things repaired quickly so our youngest wasn’t traumatized by what happened.

I thought I would share three of our observations. While I’m sure every break in is different, maybe one of these will help you be better protecting your home.

  1. They made a beeline for the master closet. While our master bedroom was tossed, the closet is where they did the most rummaging and damage. Consider storing important documents and valuables in a different location in the house. They know that we want our valuables near us!
  2. There were three places they didn’t touch in the closet: suitcases, shoes and most of the bottom half of the closet. Perhaps these could be used to hide valuables.
  3. Use your alarm every time you leave your house. We had gotten rather lax about setting the alarm. That will change in our house!

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