Thinking Positive!

Over the last few weeks, the administrators (4 assistant principals and the principals) have been evaluating the math department as a whole.  Their goal isn’t to grade each teacher or call them out… but to see where the math department is strong and weak overall. Well, apparently I was last on the list because I have been on pins and needles waiting for them to come in!  They came in yesterday during my first period class.  I continued doing everything that I have been doing, knowing full well that I am doing just fine.

After they left, I took a deep breath.  I wasn’t worried about them being in my room, but it is a little nerve racking to have all of them in my room at one time. This morning I got a note in my box from the principal, who I haven’t been able to get a read on whether she likes me or not.  It was specific about the things that she liked that she saw in my classroom!  It was a great confidence booster!

A side story about thinking positive: I have a student whose initials happen to be STD.  Another student randomly brought this to my attention in the middle of class and I attempted to ignore and move forward when the student that has these initials said, “Mrs. Spivey, I used it to create a pick up line.”
Hold the phone… this I HAVE to hear!

“I am a stud, all that I need is you!” – I guess that is one way to look at it!

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