Things I'd Recommend

So after running a few races, there are some things of recommend for a newer runner.

1. Read Caitlyn’s blog from January for newbies. Lots of amazing information to glean from her post! Caitlyn’s Blog

2. Sign up for Athlinks! It’s literally! This is the best tool for claiming and keeping track of your results! I don’t feel like a result is official until I’ve claimed it on Athlinks. Two cool features:
A. Scope events in the future. There is a browse events button at the top that you can use to sort through future events and even mark the ones that you plan on attending!
B. Track past races! It will show you your pace and placement for each race as well as average your like events (i.e. it will average all 5k events!)
Here is a screen shot from my 5K group!


3. Keep a journal for your races!
I keep a binder with a pre-made questionnaire that I created. Here’s what a page looks like:

I keep mine on plastic page protectors in a binder so that I can slide the bibs out if I want to!

All just suggestions, keep in mind – I’m still a relative newbie to the running gig!

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