The Third Trimester is Here!

If you missed it – at about 16 weeks we began to see a potential problem with a short cervix and the threat of pre-term delivery.

Since then we have seen a high risk doctor, been put on drastically reduced activity, and added hormones to prolong pregnancy as long as possible. My numbers have maintained at consistent numbers for the last 6-7 weeks so that doctors are happy and as long as I am not having contractions we are in good space (which we aren’t)!

Last week we crossed 28 weeks or into the third trimester.  If you have asked me at 16 or 18 weeks if we were going to make it to this point, I might have told you that I didn’t think so. But God has been so faithful in providing peace as well as good health over the last 12-13 weeks! I am very optimistic about making it to August before this baby is born!

How am I feeling? Hot… All the time! Yes, it’s summer, but when you add a nuclear reactor to the mix I simple can not cool down enough. I am an August baby so perhaps this is just payback for the hot summer my mom endured for me!

How is baby? He is kicking and active – but mostly when it’s time for me to be rest. No complaints at all though!

What am I craving? Still spicy food, but it’s pretty even with sweets now – but trying to keep that in check.

How’s the nursery coming? It’s in the same state as it as about 6 weeks ago. No crib, but my clearance hunting skills as well as some amazing friends have yielded us fully stocked on clothes, toys, burb clothes, etc. Also had a friend give me a “co-sleeper” it’s a small pack and play style crib that can connect to the side of a bed – but it’s like a mini portable crib that he will likely spend the first few weeks in our room in. So worse case scenario we are ready to bring home a baby!


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