The Big Island Helicopter Tour

While in Hawaii back in April, we elected to take a Helicopter Tour with Blue Hawaiian as apart of our trip!  It was fabulous!

We got to see the majority of the island in a short trip.  Driving the entire island would take more than a day.  With only two hours in a helicopter, we got to see the sweeping cattle pastures, layered lava flows, the live volcano and the lush waterfalls along the coast. We got to see the highlights, and from a vantage point that most people only see in documentaries!
Here is your photo highlight of the trip:

First was the take off – this is where most of my nerves were eased.  I was worried about it being shaky and therefore me having tummy troubles!

From there we took off over the cattle fields and in the middle of it we saw a unique training facility for the military – folks are sent here before they are sent to the Middle East… They say it’s the closest thing we have to those conditions.

We took some selfies to pass the time as we made our journey to the volcano!

As we approached the volcano, you could see different colors in the lava flows.  Generally the darker is newer and the lighter is older, but not always – it has a lot to do with the chemical makeup of the actual lava flow at the time it erupts.

Then the volcano. This was the most surreal thing… There was red molton lava below us.  It was a scene from a documentary, but so much cooler because you were there.  It was in this second that I had my first bit of queasiness.  Our guide was doing his best to let us see as much as possible, but in doing so he was making some very sharp and tight turns.  I looked out to the horizon a few times to settle my stomach.

A short little ride over to the beach which was breathtaking.  The bright blue of the Pacific meets the green lush coast line.

Then we made our way into one of the valleys along the coast to see some water falls (watch the video at the end of the posts for the waterfalls!) I had another moment of queasy during this part as well, only because he was making some tight turns so that we could get a full view of some of the most beautiful scenery ever!

We then made our way back.  Pictured below is Dale on the left – he was our pilot and guide.  He was a retired Naval helicopter pilot who was very capable.  He was also very knowledgeable about the island and you could tell he genuinely loved his job.  He made the trip so much more enjoyable – especially in the moments that I wasn’t feeling well.

Thank you to the folks at Blue Hawaiian for a wonderful option for seeing the island!

Here’s some video highlights that I took with our GoPro.

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