From a Grateful Runner

I’m feeling a little mushy and feel the the need to put my thoughts into words!

Thank you to my friends and family who have been supportive and encouraging through the last year’s adventure into running! And my what an adventure it has been!

Thank you to my husband – my biggest cheerleader! He encourages me when I don’t feel like running! He has gotten up early and waited while I ran some crazy mileage out cheer me across the finish line! He has stayed home with the kids to let me go on long training runs (haven’t showed him the marathon training plan yet… ssshh – don’t tell him yet!). He’s an amazing man!

Thank you to my mom! Who started running with me and has pushed herself to keep up with me! It’s an honor to run with you!

Thank you to my family! They have babysit, let me take a nap after a tough race and worried about my health along this journey!

Thank you to my running friends!! Those I have met and that I have not. You see the social media network of runners is incredible. They are supportive and encouraging. They are inspiration and an amazing group of people.

Thank you to Caitlyn! You answered all of my dumb newbie questions, pushed me to cross train with TurboFire and gave me the confidence to register for my first marathon!!

Thank you to those of you that read this silly blog, put up with my Facebook or IG posts, and still keep reading!! I’m not a world class athlete or the fastest woman alive – so thank you for caring about my journey!!!


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