Thank you is not enough!

Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude for the community around me that has supported this amazing journey towards running the Boston Marathon.

This morning, I will wake up and put on my shoes just like any other running morning, but today is about so much more than me. Today I run for my sweet Lauren and her precious Rett sisters. Today I run with many of you as you finish the virtual marathon. Today I run one of the most iconic races in the world.

Thank you first to my husband.  He not only gave me permission to take on this huge task, but has been my support through this entire process.  Whether that meant serving wine at the Christmas Event, putting goody bags together or helping me talk through fundraising ideas.

From my first marathon
Second to YOU!  To those that gave, helped at events, attended events or were vendors for me.  You are all amazing!  To give to a cause that you may not have a direct relationship with is truly amazing.  There were a total of over 80 donors to this effort (based on the website). I have done my best to thank each of your with a card or an email or a message, but if I have not had a chance to thank you personally, my apologies.  Each one of you has given a girl a chance for a cure!  Each one of you has given me a change to run one of the most iconic races in the world! Special shout out to my mom for all of the behind the scenes stuff that she has done for me!  She does her best to not be recognized, but she deserves it – I’m grateful she’s my mom!


And last – my training/coaching team!
To Claudia – your training and belief in what I was able to accomplish has made such a difference in my training this season!

To Daisy – your accountability and push during those tough runs was priceless! 


Most of all I’m grateful for Lauren and her family who have given me the inspiration to push for such a huge goal!! Today we will be Boston Marathon finishers!!

  Thank you is not enough, but I’ll say it anyway – THANK YOU!!!

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