Taper Time

I am now in the final stage of marathon training.  The next two weeks consist of easy runs and lower mileage to let my body have the best recovery possible before traversing those 26.2 miles!

The final long run of twenty miles was emotional and gave me the confidence that I can actually run a marathon in three weeks! I had the privilege of taking Leah Coffin along with me and she was great company and a huge encouragement through out the run!

Let’s look back and see literally just how far I have come! By the way – seeing this totalled up bring tears to my eyes.  I never thought I would make this journey and just two years ago I would have told you I was not a runner.  I am proof that you can do anything that you set your mind to – with proper training and guidance of course!

Week 1 – 20 miles
Week 2 – 19.3 miles
Week 3 – 7 miles
Week 4 – 12 miles
Week 5 – 8 miles
Week 6 – 21 miles
Week 7 – 22.1 miles
Week 8 – 24 miles
Week 9 – 7.1 miles
Week 10 – 0 – Sciatica
Week 11 – 29 miles
Week 12 – 23 miles
Week 13 – 22.1 miles
Week 14 – 15.1 miles
Week 15 – 20 miles
Total Training to date: 249.90 miles

So how many miles are left?
Week 16 – 29 miles
Week 17 – 21 miles
Week 18 – 11 miles
Spacecoast Marathon – 26.2 Miles!!!

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