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This is my Out of Office reply for the next week! I am in Hawaii for the next week, so I decided to give you some alternative reading material in my absence!

You have probably seen me mention or share things about the Tampa Bay Bloggers…. I figured it was about time that I shared this amazing community with you!TBBLogo

Who are the Tampa Bay Bloggers?
“We are a diverse group of talented online influencers from the Tampa Bay area (with an International online reach) representing every target market: Parenting Bloggers, Fitness Bloggers, Travel & Fashion Bloggers, Techie Bloggers and much, much more!”

So… are you ready to meet some of these amazing Tampa Bay Bloggers?

Denise @ Run DMT – Fitness, Food and Family Fun from a Tampa Bay mom on the run!

Crystal @ Thrifty and Frugal Living – Bringing you reviews, giveaways and frugal money savings tips!

Lora @ LoraHogan.com – a local yoga teacher, motivational speaker and author who provides yoga for runners, athletes and everyBODY! #PassLove

Whitney @ Fashion A Bella – a Florida beach babe with a passion for fashion!

Caitlyn @ Live.Sweat.Sleep.Repeat – a runner, blogger, and fitness instructor living like to its fullest in the sunshine state

Alexandria @ Al2GetherFit – a Tampa mom and wife trying to make everything in life ‘fit’

Nichole @ Casa de Crews – an event planner, self-proclaimed “foodie”, meal planner and domestic goddess.  She has some great recipes!

Haley @ HaleyDuke.com – as new name implies, she is a wife, mom and runner who shares her running journey, her two adorable kiddos and other stuff!

Cindy @ The Mom Maven – Helping you bloom where you are planted!

This is not even close to an all-inclusive list, but should keep you busy for a little while!  I’ll try to go on vacation more often so that you can read some of my other fellow Tampa Bay Bloggers!

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