Susan G Komen Race Recap

Disclaimer: I was given a free race entry to this race in exchange for my promotion beforehand and review after the event.  All opinions are my own.

The last few weeks of marathon training, races and getting ready for Open Enrollment at work have led to a delayed recap of a race that was very special!

The Susan G Komen Race for a Cure in St Petersburg was a huge success – they had record numbers that turned out for the event! Here are my thoughts:

My motivation: My Silly Aunt Sally!  A cancer survivor.  A rock.  A true gem. The glue that holds my crazy family together.

My race: It was not my fastest 10K ever, but it was my first long run after coming back from my sciatic issue.

My best moment: The second lap!  I haven’t run a race where you run the same route multiple times.  The Susan G Komen had a 5K route that the 10K’ers ran twice.  The first time there were so many people I didn’t get to enjoy the scenery – but the second time felt like I was running a whole new course!  Another treasured moment was running with Nanci!  She and I are training for our first marathon at the same time and have been staying in touch with each other but haven’t been able to run together yet.  It was great to catch up with her and to hear how her training was going!

My worst moment: As the start time approached, the sun came up.  It was hot!  In my marathon training I am normally starting to run at 6:45am or earlier, so an 8am start was a little startling!

The best part of the event: The pre-‘show’ there were survivors, doctors, sorority sisters, old women, young women, local TV anchors, etc.  They were all there to celebrate the lives of those women who battled breast cancer, whether they were living or had passed away.  It was a neat moment!  They released doves to honor those who had passed away – I didn’t realize what was happening and so I missed getting a photo of the moment!



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