Survived Week Two

It has been a great two weeks, I have met a lot of new people… And I probably only know half of their names. Maybe not even half, I am giving myself a lot of credit!  I am doing better with my students names.  I mixed up Jose and Roberto… honest mistake 🙂  I had one gentleman in my class decide that it was time to leave my classroom and I had to call home to have a short talk with mom. She was very supportive and I haven’t had any other issues with him since then.

Every morning on my drive I listen to the Joy FM. Dave and Bill do a devotional about 5 minutes before I get to work – perfect timing! Thursday’s was awesome. They were talking about how we have a high priest, Jesus, that understands the temptations and frustrations that we experience in this life, because he has been here. Now track with me… We are supposed to be Jesus with skin in this world. How can we identify with people’s daily temptations and frustrations?
Here was the example that they used… Translate it for your life. I have been a waitress before. I understand the frustrations and daily trials that they experience. I can be sensitive and gracious toward waitresses and waiters that I encounter now, because of the situations that I encountered.

In other news:

Tori is in a new school that she LOVES!  She was explaining the reading that will be expected of her and I am so glad to hear that she will be pushed and challenged.

David sold his house.. trailer… in Mississippi!  Such an answer to prayer!  When he lived in Mississippi he purchased a trailer to evade the high costs of living in an apartment by himself.  When he moved to Florida, an elderly lady rented it.  She was a dream renter.  She paid her rent early and called if there was any issue.  After she moved out (about 2 years ago), we have had a hard time finding decent renters.  We have been through the eviction process twice!  So, through some random events, we either had to move it or sell it.  The dealer that David originially bought the house from bought it back… for less than we owe, but I don’t even care.  We don’t have to deal with the headache of renters.  Such a huge weight off!

Sophie got her first haircut!

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