Stress Fracture Thoughts

Today marks three weeks since my last run, which happened to be the Women’s Running Half in St. Pete, Florida. I didn’t do as well as I hoped, but I knew my legs and feet hurt more than normal.

I started differently than I trained and tried to stay with two lovely lady striders. I run intervals (.5 miles run, .1 miles walk – the run gets longer the further into the race I go). They do not run intervals. Mistake number one!

Towards the end I got tired and my left knee was hurting. So I kindly moved more to the right side of the road to let faster folks pass me. This caused me to run on the slant of the road where my right side had to work harder to keep up. Mistake number two!

David bought me running shoes last January when he could tell I was gonna stick with it! Good shoes, Brooks! I love them. But with all the miles I’ve put on them, I needed new ones. I was trying to hold out for Christmas. Mistake number three!

This trifecta led to a stress fracture in my right foot on the outside bone that connects the pinky toe to the rest of the foot (yes, I’m sure it has some technical name!).

I go to the doctor on Tuesday and I’m hoping that I can stop wearing this stupid boot! I will do whatever I’m told because I really want to run. Let me refresh – I NEED to run! Over the last year running has become my outlet and my therapy! It’s time to run again!

So with optimism I’m looking forward to these races in 2014:
– Walt Disney Half Marathon – January 11th
– Clearwater Halfathon – January 19th
– Best Damn Race – February 1st
– Gasparilla Weekend – February 22-23rd
– Gate River Run – March 15th
– Iron Girl Clearwater – April 13th

So how do you (and I in the future) avoid another stress fracture?
– Buy new shoes when it’s time
– Run like you’ve trained
– Find the flattest part of the road

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  1. So sorry, Jessica..You do rrun in races quite often..heavy schedule. Please take care of yourself. It is surprising how quickly running shoes wear out..seemed Jack was always replacing the old for new..and he didn’t run nearly as much as you are, only training and running the Bolder Boulder. I wish you could join us in April, Tina is running in DC.

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